How students teach students

Surgical knots

The Project

While medical students already as interns get familiar with surgical procedures, there is no regular basic surgical training in their medical curriculum.

In 2014 two medical students set steps to make a change and started the first surgical knots course for medical students.

Since then, this course is running and taught hundred of medical students the important basical skills to deepen their learning and to accelerate their skills training.

How to Use

Two iBooks are developed for the course. There are step by step explanations and hands-on videos.

The iBooks were awarded by Apple during the Apple Distinguished Educator Institute in Berlin 2016 as one of the best iBooks in education of this year.

Both iBooks are the backbone for the course and are avalaible for free in the iBooks Store for free. Download here part 1 and part 2.


More iBooks?

Work Offline

Download your iBook and learn with no need for WiFi.
You are mobile and so is your study content.

Stunning Visuals

All iBooks are enriched with pictures, illustrations and video’s.
Text is the backbone, but visuals tell a better story.


Scroll through CT-scans and make your own notes. Use the study card function for an optimal preparation for your exams.

Beyond the iBooks

Your iPad is so much more than just a library. Use photos, video, audio and other apps to study and share the best practices (even with your teacher).

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