Dutch iBooks Library of


The Project

The Dutch iBooks Library of Medicine was financed by the Dutch Ministry of Health and co-financed by the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam.

A team of 25 medical students, 10 young doctors, 15 residents and more than 15 specialists started the Mobile Learning Initiative. Together, they created an overview of over more than 1000 diagnoses medical students need to know to be a doctor in The Netherlands.

A completely new learning and working concept was developed. All the information you need at your fingertips and in your pocket.

How to Use

The iBook Library is free for everybody. All you need is an iPad, iPhone or Mac.

You can subscribe to the iTunes U courses and get even more study content for free on your iPad or iPhone or you can download every iBook from the iBooks Store. Using an Macbook or iMac, just download the iBooks from the iBooks Store.

The iBooks are free and will stay free. We will provide regularly updates over the next months and years.


Why iBooks?

Work Offline

Download your iBook and learn with no need for WiFi.
You are mobile and so is your study content.

Stunning Visuals

All iBooks are enriched with pictures, illustrations and video’s.
Text is the backbone, but visuals tell a better story.


Scroll through CT-scans and make your own notes. Use the study card function for an optimal preparation for your exams.

Beyond the iBooks

Your iPad is so much more than just a library. Use photos, video, audio and other apps to study and share the best practices (even with your teacher).


Speed up and deepen your learning