3D Anatomy & Pathology meet


The Project

3D Anatomy and Pathology won the Dutch Surf Innovation Challenge Award 2015 and was one of our first more andvanced iBooks.

Ivar Kommers and Omar Hertgers, doctors and members of our core team, trained their skills in 3D programming and extracted example models of pathological findings in CT-scans.

With this project, beside te use for medical education, we were able to illustrate how modern techniques like 3D meet old medical art in our iBooks.

How to Use

During first years medical school anatomy is one of the most important and most time consuming subjects.

While 3D apps like for instance Complete Anatomy by 3D4Medical help students to learn faster, pathological findings, were doctors have to deal with later, are still 2D.

The iBook demonstrates some pathological findings in fully interactive 3D mode and is available for free in the iBooks Store.

Anatomical regions
3D Models

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