One World. One Standard of Medical Education.

Improving Education.

Medical information is fragmented, leading to suboptimal education and suboptimal care. Traditional teaching concepts do not solve or even address this problem.

MLX creates paperless medical content. We combine text, photo, video, 3D/AR to interact with on mobile devices.

Anytime, anywhere.

The iBooks Library of Medicine

Enhancing Health.

A universal truth: No health without a workforce.

The WHO estimates a global shortage of 12 million healthcare professionals by 2035 and advises to rethink teaching, right now.1

Mobile technology opens perspectives of learning, teaching and for healthcare we never had before.2


1World Health Organisation Media Centre
2UNESCO – Policy Guidelines for Mobile Learning

Like a book. Unlike a book.

Interacting is what distinguishes a digital book most from a traditional book.

Don’t just read. Touch, swipe, make notes and share. Have a library just at your fingertips and hundreds of books in your pocket.

Scroll through CT’s like a radiologist. Take quizzes. Learn in 3D. Share anatomy in AR. Deep links in your book connect to apps on your device.

Speed up learning using 3D & AR

Featured Projects

The iBooks Library of Medicine

10 disciplines | 100+ iBooks | 1000+ clinical conditions | 10.000 pages | 100.000+ downloads

The Library of Global Medicine

Experiences and views of medical doctors Global Health and Tropical Medicine

Book 1: Into the World

Coming soon

Library of Essential Surgery & Library of Essential Skills

15+ Books about the basic surgical skills | 15+ Books about the most needed surgical procedures
to learn – to train – to remember



We all have a strong clinical background. Meet our teams.

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Medical educators

Most of us have a track record of medical teaching.
As lecturer, workshop leader, presenter.

Digital creators

The skills of our team cover writing, drawing, photography, videography and graphic design.


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